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Hi, my name is Risa, and I’m delighted that you’ve come to this website.  I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, and nana to nine wonderful little grandchildren.  I’m living proof that our God is the God of restoration.  He has restored my life, and I have witnessed many others restored as I assist my husband Mark in healing ministry (hopepreserved.org) in a support role.

I love to write.  Journaling is how I most often talk with God.  Many times God has given me pictures to illustrate what he is trying to teach me.  Obviously he knows sometimes I need to see before I can understand!   So one day a wilted potted plantfew months ago, he showed me that I was like a little potted plant.  If I am planted in good soil and nourished with water and sunshine, I thrive. But if there is one element missing, I wilt.

There are all sorts of implications from this illustration that I want to share about in coming posts.  The truth is we are all little potted plants.  We have these bodies of clay, but inside them are our souls that need feeding and our spirits aching to be filled with more of God.  I’m on a passionate pursuit to discover just how God designed me and how he wants me to “bloom” for him.  I believe the Lord told me to share my life and my struggles, to just be real, and to invite you to take your own journey along with me.

I have been a stay-at-home mom and a career woman.  I was a free-lance court reporter with my own business for 25 years.  I have been a burned-out workaholic, worked full-time,  part-time, and retired.  Out of the blue one hot summer day, I became a widow.  So I returned to work full-time and tried to figure out how to be 50-ish and single.  Then God brought Mark into my life, and we were married June 2010.  Much more is packed into that brief description, and I plan to write about all of it.

Through every step of the way, God’s grace held me.  I have walked through enough valleys to testify about the all-sufficiency of Christ.  It’s my hope that as I share my heart through these posts, women will see the sovereignty of God, that he is in control, and that we can trust him in every trial that we walk through.  Most especially I want women to know that our God wants to have an intimate, personal relationship with us through his Son, Jesus.

I invite you to write in the “Comments” section your feelings, perspectives, how you connect.  I’d love to hear your stories as well through “Contact Me.”  I won’t post what you share if you ask me not to.  We were never meant to walk through life alone.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Mark and Risa

Mark and me







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